Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kiss and tell..LOL!

Well, I have a few minutes to share more about my post from yesterday.  Here's my story and I am sticking to it!  LOL!

As a massage therapist, I really don't have those scenes happen like you see in those videos that we have all seen online.  As I have mentioned before, I will do the massage work in the nude if the client is respectful in asking because (1) I actually think that the energy if both are nude is more natural for energy work flow and that it doesn't have to be sexual and (2) I am a nudist so I am comfortable with being nude anyway.  But I don't just drop the clothes with every client.  It really depends on how it is asked and what the intention is.  If it is someone looking to turn it into sex, then no.  But if they are there for a great massage and they enjoy the male bonding aspect of two nude men, then there is a great chance that I will be nude too.

So....I get a call from a guy who is in town on business.  He was looking for a massage therapist because he was in town on business and it had been a busy week.  He works in the tourism industry in Hawaii and was meeting with companies throughout the state to consider Hawaii for conferences and such.  (FYI:  He is openly gay and OK with me sharing here with my blog friends.)  

He came over on Friday evening and he was very handsome.  Very handsome.  He is 33 years old, a native Hawaiian, and was a dancer at the Polynesian Cultural Center for many years (so you know he has a hot body!).  He told me he enjoys massage work because of his past as a dancer and how it helped him during those years.  When I was doing my first time intake evaluation (which I do with every first time client), he asked me my rule on draping.  I explained that it was all based on his comfort level and he could be draped or nude on the table.  He told me he would like to be nude, but he didn't ask about me being nude.  I don't ever assume, so I would remained in a tank top and shorts as usual.

Well, I was professional throughout the massage but appreciating his body nonetheless.  Some ask if I get excited when working on a hot guy and you might be surprised when I say that I usually don't.  I am concentrating on the body work and really not as focused on it as you might think.

We finished the massage and he was getting ready to leave.  He asked me if I was going out and I said that I didn't have any plans.  He asked me if I wanted to go and have a beer with him.  Hummm....I am liking the sound of that.  I told him though that he should continue to relax and have more water after his massage and then we could go out after that if he wanted.  I PROMISE THERE WAS NO HIDDEN MOTIVE WITH THAT OFFER. LOL!

I know I am going on too long with this because everyone wants to know the juicy details.  So we sat on the couch and talked.  Beautiful dark eyes.  After about an hour, I asked him if he wanted to go out and he said he was in no hurry to go out for that beer.  Well the vibe was getting stronger and we began to kiss.  You know I do love to kiss.  And kiss.  And the clothes began to come off.  And I went down on him.  And then he went down on me.  By that time, I wanted to get to my bed!

Once in bed, we had some hot sex.  Lots of oral, kissing, touching, squeezing, rimming.  Close to the edge a couple of times.  Then I heard the words that invited me to do more.  LOL!  "Fuck me!"  He placed a condom on my cock and away we went.

I don't want to give the impression that I have been celibate for a long time, but it has been a while since I have had a man in my bed who I wanted to stay the night after the sex.  (I am shallow, but being real...LOL!)  So he stayed the night and we played early Saturday morning.  (For the record, another nice fuck session followed by a nice hot shower together.  Yeah!).

He had an appointment on Saturday, so he left but asked if we could get together for that beer on Saturday night.  I told him that I had plenty of beer at my place.  LOL!

Saturday night was more of the same, although I guess you could say that it was a little more of a date...I actually fixed dinner for us and we had those beers.  We talked some more and made out some more.  And we went to bed together.  In the words of Queer Heaven, there was more sexing involved.  He is quite fun in bed, that's for sure.  Much more intimate on Saturday night.

So this morning, we actually woke up and just enjoyed some time in bed touching and kissing.  No sexing though.  Just a relaxing start to the day.  A quick shower together, a cup of coffee for the road and off he went.  Unfortunately he is flying back tonight and we won't get to see each other any more this trip.  But we are planning to stay in touch and I just might know where my next travel destination might be.

I pride myself on having posts in the AM and PM on my blogs, but I think you will forgive me for the delay in posting.  (At least I had a couple of posts ahead on my other blog!).  It has been a great weekend and I do have a wonderful smile on my face.  And I do believe that I am sending him back to the islands with a smile on his face!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Hot Flash

I am late in posting today, but I have a good reason.  I had some serious naked fun last night!  LOL!  (So I am just now starting my day,)  Glad I had put together the post already over at Guys From Behind or I would really be behind.