Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

Barefoot Celebs: A Request From Bradley White

Bradley commented in an earlier post how he loved to see celebrity feet.  Well, you know I try hard to please here at Barefoot Men.  Enjoy the following barefoot celebrities and share which ones who wear flip flops and/or stay barefoot and which ones who wear combat boots and keep the feet covered up!

The guys from * N Sync

Soap opera actor Shawn Christian and actor Shia LaBeouf

Joe Jonas

Michael C. Hall

Chris Evans

Enrique Iglesias

Wentworth Miller

Mario Lopez

Matt Dillon

Matthew McConaughey

 Ben Affleck

Russell Crowe

Ryan Seacrest

Benjamin Bratt

David Duchovny and Dominic Purcell

Ed Westwick from "Gossip Girl"

 Gerard Butler and singer/songwriter Jack Johnson

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jesse Metcalfe

Jude Law

Kenny Chesney

Who has ALL STAR FEET and whose feet are BOX OFFICE BOMBS?